If you love fresh raw salmon, you'll love this. Salmon crudo is lightly marinated in a lemon, orange and herb dressing and garnished with pickled shallots.


- Sushi - Shallot - Red Wine Vinegar - Lemon And Orange Zest - Lemon juice - Orange juice - Sugar - Salt

Thinly slice shallot and place in a bowl with red wine vinegar and set aside to pickle slightly while you finish the recipe.

Next, mix all the crudo dressing ingredients together and set aside.

Lay salmon filet on a cutting board horizontally. Using a sharp knife, trim any bruised or discolored bits off.

Slice salmon off the skin, thinly across the grain. Continue slicing, laying each piece on your serving dish as you go.

Once the salmon is all sliced on the platter, drizzle with the crudo dressing, sprinkle with drained pickled shallots and season to taste with additional salt and pepper if desired.

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