This recipe makes a mild, tangy garlic scape pickle. These are perfect just eaten on their own or use them is sandwiches, Caesar cocktails or charcuterie boards.


- Garlic Scapes - Kosher Salt - Peppercorns - Filtered Water - Optional - Dill Sprigs - Optional - Chili Flakes

Make a brine of 6 cups water to 3 tablespoon sea salt and stir to dissolve.

Place ½ tablespoon peppercorns, dill and chilis if using, in the bottom of each sterilized quart jar. Gently and loosely coil garlic scapes and place on top of spices.

Pack them in as evenly as possible, leaving slightly more than an inch of headspace at top of jar.

Pour brine over scapes, leaving 1 inch of headspace. Top with a fermenting weight to keep garlic scapes submerged.

Close jar with airlock or pickle pipe and fasten gently with jar ring.

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