Homemade Hazelnut Butter Recipe

Making your own hazelnut butter is the best! Creamy and nutty with natural sweetness, hazelnut butter is delicious spread on toast, cooked in curries, drizzled over oatmeal or baked into your muffins.


- Hazelnuts

These tasty little nuts are easy to grow, delicious and nutritious to eat and make fantastic nut butter, purees, baked goods and more.

Spread hazelnuts on a baking sheet and roast 10 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool on a tea towel.

Once cool enough to handle, rub the nuts with the tea towel to remove any extra husks/skins. It can be helpful to shake the nuts in a colander to try and separate the husks from the nuts.

Pour nuts (minus the husks that you’ve rubbed off) and salt into a food processor and turn it on. Stop the processor occasionally to scrape down the sides.

The nuts will first turn into a coarse meal, then a nut flour, then into a paste and finally into a creamy butter.

Taste it once you like the consistency and continue to blend if it is still too gritty for your taste. Season with extra salt or a teaspoon or 2 of sugar if desired.

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