I'll walk you through all the fresh and easy ingredients to make a classic chirashi bowl at home and it's faster than you think. Use as many or few of the toppings as you like. Let's go!


- Brown Rice - Rice Vinegar - Cucumbers - Sugar - Shiitake Mushroom - Mirin - Eggs - Green Tea

Once you've cooked your rice, mix vinegar, sugar and salt together and sprinkle over rice. Stir gently and leave to cool until ready to serve. *Note, seasoning the rice is optional.

Combine sliced cucumber, vinegar and sugar and let sit until ready to use, up to 4 hours. Drain cucumber before adding to dish.

Toss all ingredients with mushrooms and add to a small non-stick pan. Cook gently on medium low until the liquid is almost evaporated. Let cool, then use for topping dish.

Beat eggs well with sugar and salt. Preheat a large pan on medium, oil very lightly and then pour in eggs to make a paper thin omelet. Once cooked through (only about 1 min.), cool slightly.

Fill the bottom half of your bowl with 1 cup of rice. Then artfully arrange your chosen ingredients on top and gently spoon a few teaspoon of dressing over any unseasoned toppings and enjoy.

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