Honey adds both a sweet and savoury flavour that makes the apple and brie sing. This is comfort food at it's finest!


- French Bread - Organic Apples - Brie - Butter - Hot Honey Butter - Salted Butter - Fireweed Honey

Hot Honey Butter

Mix butter, honey and chili flakes together. If your butter is not soft enough, microwave it in 10 second intervals until soft but not liquid.

Apple Brie Grilled Cheese

Lay all 8 pieces of bread out and lightly butter top side of each.

Lay 4 pieces of the bread, buttered side down in a large, heavy bottomed frying pan.

Spread ½ tablespoon honey butter on each slice in the pan, top each with 2 slices of brie, ½ thinly sliced apple fanned out and then top with remaining 1-2 slices of brie.

Spread remaining honey butter on the unbuttered side of the leftover slices of bread and place honey side down on top of sandwiches.

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