Easy Recipes Inspired By My West Coast Kitchen Garden On Vancouver Island


I am Sabrina Currie, a former professional cook (NIC), level 1 sommelier (ISG IWC), food stylist (CIA Hyde Park), and photographer (NIC online).  I also have a husband, kids and day job that pays the bills.  I am passionate about cooking, food growing, wine, my family, where I live and photography.   I dodge tedious recipes that require a long time in the kitchen and a big mess to clean up. Over time I have developed a lot of recipes and dishes that are quick, simple and tidy and also utilize fresh produce from my garden or the surrounding farms, forests and ocean where we live.

I live in Campbell River, BC on Vancouver Island which is a great place for food growing, foraging and fishing. I’ve created this space to share my quick and easy recipes with you as well as what I’ve learned about gardening here in the well watered Canadian West Coast.  I love to learn about wild foods and foraging as well. My garden has evolved like my recipes; reliable and low maintenance fruits and veggies that grow easily in our climate.